Trades Insurance currently provides insurance for over 2,500 tradesmen all around Australia and can provide a customised tradies insurance package for you. The Trades Insurance Tradies Insurance Package is specifically developed for tradesmen and contains insurances directly relevant to the trades and construction industries. Our trades insurance packages contain the main classes of insurance.

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Tradesman Insurance Perth

Trades Insurance

All businesses face risks, however those faced by tradies are especially prevalent. Not having the right insurance cover can prove catastrophic for your business, but with the right policy in place, you can be fully protected against any claims brought against you. As Australia’s leading trades insurance brokers, we are experts in finding the right cover for your specific needs.

Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance

The right comprehensive construction insurance cover will protect all your building materials against loss or damage through theft, fire, accidental damage or bad weather, throughout the construction period. Our specialist team are here to find you the best cover for your business.

Public Liability

Public Liability

Adequate Public Liability insurance is crucial for tradies. It will protect you and your business for the cost of claims made against you for personal injury, death, or damage to property as a result of a service or product you supply.

Tools of Trade Insurance

Tools of Trade Insurance

Without their tools, a tradesperson can’t do their job. The replacement costs should your tools get lost, stolen or damaged could be crippling, without the right insurance cover. Get a free online quote now or contact our team of experts for more information.

Machinery and Equipment Insurance

Machinery & Equipment Insurance

Protect your business with a Machinery & Equipment Insurance policy, to cover you for accidental damage, theft or vandalism. A reliable cover will enable you to get your business back on track quickly and cost-effectively should anything happen to your equipment or machinery.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation

Providing protection for employees – and employers – should any staff endure a work-related injury or illness, workers compensation insurance is mandatory for any Australian business. As one of the most complex insurance covers, it can be difficult understand and get right, but as qualified specialists, we will be able to find the most suitable policy for your business.

Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance

We can arrange an Income Protection policy which will pay up to 75% of your income should you suffer a serious illness or injury. Income Protection insurance provides a wide range of benefits, encompassing a variety of different options. This money can help you and your family manage your living expenses while you recover.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Tradies work hard for a living and deserve to take a break every now then. If you’re travelling overseas, you’ll need travel insurance to cover your medical expenses should you get ill or injured while away. As industry experts, our aim is to make sure you have a policy that won’t let you down overseas – and at the best price.

Painters Insurance

Painters Insurance

Painters face a number unique of risks every day, so it’s vital that you secure adequate protection. Otherwise the costs associated with an incident could destroy your business. While prevention is the best cure, the only solution is usually a comprehensive painter’s insurance policy.

Electricians Insurance

Electricians Insurance

A reliable comprehensive electrician’s insurance policy will give you adequate protection and help to keep any disruptions to a minimum. These policies include a range of different options, depending on the risks you face, the value of your equipment and the level of cover you’re looking for.

Carpenters Insurance

Carpenters Insurance

Carpentry is a specialised trade which requires well-honed skills. Unfortunately, even with years of training, the tasks involved pose a high risk of accident or injury. A specialised carpenter’s insurance policy is therefore vital for protecting your business.