Working with electricity can be a dangerous profession – it only takes one wrong move for everything to go pear-shaped. No matter how experienced the tradesperson, there are always risks in this line of work which need to be managed effectively.

In such a hazardous line of work, there is a constant risk of being seriously injured.

Electricians aren’t the only ones at danger from harm either. Whether there are apprentices, contractors or clients on site, all of these personnel are at a high risk from electrical faults. Taking steps to keep them safe is a start, but it is impossible to prevent every accident from occurring.

Tradespeople working with electricity also face a range of hazards beyond the possibility for injuries. Materials like copper wire and sets of tools will both be appealing targets for criminals or vandals looking to disrupt your work. Even the most vigilant approach is not immune to these risks, with big repercussions for those who are caught out.

These perennial risks can easily put a spanner in the works for a busy sparkie, leaving them without the necessary tools to get the job done and struggling to find replacement tools and materials.

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Effective cover needed for busy electricians

There are many ways to limit these threats – either taking the time to protect your equipment or talking with staff so they understand how to stay safe at work. However, it is likely that the only way to properly safeguard employees, tools and business is going to be from taking out electricians insurance.

Comprehensive electricians insurance will give you all of the protection needed to get on with your work, with any disruptions kept to a minimum. These policies include a variety of different aspects, depending on the risks you face, the value of your equipment and the amount of cover you want to take out.

Along with protecting your day-to-day work, a comprehensive electricians insurance policy should also offer cover for any issues which arise further down the line as a result of your work. For example, an unnoticed mistake on site may wreak havoc once the client begins using a device, causing considerable damage.

With electronic goods often incredibly expensive to replace, having liability cover as part of your electricians insurance policy will make it a lot easier to work without incurring large costs.

How to find the best policies

Because there are so many different aspects to consider when choosing an electricians insurance policy, it can be difficult to get the right cover for your business. Often, this process will involve talking to an insurance broker like Trades Insurance. They can ensure that you get the best policy to suit the challenges your business is facing.

At Trades Insurance, we leverage our extensive network of  local and international insurance providers to source you the most appropriate policy, matched to your specific and unique requirements.

We understand that no one tradie is the same, and we tailor our service accordingly rather than expecting you to fit into a mould. You be you, we’re more than ok with that, in fact we prefer it as it means that we can optimise your cover, knowing that all the aspects of your business and your needs are taken care of.

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