Together with your passport, Travel Insurance is the most essential component you’ll need when travelling overseas. In fact, we’d suggest that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.

TravelCard Real-Time Travel Insurance launched in Australia in April 2018 and looks set to revolutionise the travel insurance market in Australia by using big data & MasterCard to help travelling Australians when they need it the most by paying travel insurance claims in “Real Time”; claims are paid in a matter of minutes and while “on trip”, so their customers save on out-of-pocket expenses and avoid mountains of paperwork.

TravelCard’s Real-Time assistance means Aussie travellers who lose their luggage will have access to immediate funds to purchase necessary emergency items using the TravelCard by withdrawing cash at any ATM while still in the airport and until a lost luggage claim is able to be made, taking the stress out of lost luggage.

When an unexpected natural disaster strikes, TravelCard’s Real-Time assistance is there to help travellers, which may include arranging and paying for flights home, or arranging and paying for medical bills while still traveling. There’s enough to worry about when a crisis happens so TravelCard we will get their customers the medical care they need and help them get home as quickly and safely as possible.

TravelCard Real-Time Travel Insurance has market leading policy coverage & benefits across all products and all target markets as confirmed by the LMI Group*

  • Medical assessment isn’t required for pre-existing medical conditions. **
  • No age limits*
  • No excess on all claims
  • 24/7 global assistance whilst travelling
  • Australian based sales and Customer Support Team
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